Winter swim is, by far, the most liberating thing you can do during the winter in quarantine.

I spent most of the days in December on the beach with my son.Since the school was off and quarantine life in Greece is pretty strict-we found the way to charge our batteries. Swimming in ice cold water is one of them!

I have to be honest-i was a bit reserved as far as my son is concerned-but i saw him completely ready with “no fear” vibe-so i said-Ok,let’s do this together.He was inside for shorter period of course cause i was freaking out,but i am amazed by his courage!

Anyways,the feeling is like no other,ICE COLD,free,crazy,painful,rewarding,liberating.. And you want to do it again.


So we spent our Christmas holidays on the beach.We wanted snow, but we are grateful for the sun&the sea all year long.

The other good thing about swimming in an ice cold water is the fact that you are empowering your body & mind from head to toe.Not that your skin is getting tighter-your becoming more immune to all colds.I also practice doing ice cold showers, as a wise man and a healer Wim Hoff suggests.