You already know that everything is energy and events that are happening in our lives-are an outcome of what we were thinking.Since Universe responds quickly-overthinking is the root of all your problems.Let’s say you have an idea-that flash of inspiration that just came to you-If you don’t start developing it in your head,writting it down or just talking about it-it will fade away and next day it wont look so bright and interesting.Overthinking is a “killer” of every creative work!

If you are familiar to the most basic rules of the Law of Attraction you know that you are attracting pretty much everything you are concentrated on.What is your primal thought-THAT you will ATTRACT.So any idea you have about yourself,your future will be drowned into your life.So start training yourself into thinking more prosperous,beautiful thoughts.If you are going in circles about an idea,a event or just a future job opportunity-most probably you will loose it,’cause that’s just the way that energy functions.

Overthinking is bad for just about any subject in your life.Overthinking about a job,familly matters,or just love is an absolute mistake.If you overthink about subjects like”I shouldn’t fall in love with this person ’cause he might hurt me”will just kill the most beautiful feeling person can sent in this life-FEELING OF FALLING IN LOVE.Or even more serious-if you overthink the fact that you” want or maybe you don’t want kids’will take away that precious time-and at the end you probably regret it-’cause having kids is the most divine thing that a person can do.

So stop thinking-and just ACT!Act immediately on an idea that just came to you-that’s the only way you will develop it and benefit from it!Universe loves speed-so that is how you have to be.Act now,be on the flow and enjoy the ride.It’s way more effective and not to mention how much more interesting.If you don’t risk anything-You risk EVERYTHING!

(Photography by talented Mirella Sfakianaki)