Coachella is trending over the years  more and more.This is,actually-name of the city,as well the area in Southern California.It is most famous for it’s Art and Music festival that happens every year in this period.The event features artist from many music genres like rock,pop,indie,dance and electronic music but also art installations and sculptures.

Coachella is known for loose,sping,hippie styled outfit,but also more extravagant ones.

Here is what some of celebrities and super models wore at Coachella 2018.


Heiley Baldwin

She is one of my favourites.Gorgeous girl.Simple jean shorts and top with leather details styled with earnings in 90’s style.I love her hair here.She is backstage and rocking!


Alessandra Ambrosio

Classic Coachella look with lots oh hippie details.Loving the eyewear-it is extremely fun.She is one gorgeous mommy!I need this denim jacket !

Romee Strijd

This gorgeous Victoria secret angel is rocking Coachella with perfect red and black combo,lace swimwear and braids with red details.I follow her on insta.Adorable.

Now,the outfit i didn’t love so much is Riri’s!

I knooow-she is perfect-but i am just so not crazy about this outfit.I don’t quite understand it!(lol).


It is ugly-until Rihanna decides it isn’t! So true!