Bedroom creative studios

One of the most seductive working spaces and one of the most creative ones can be your bedroom.The place where you feel most pleasant is the place where the greatest ideas about your art,writting or business can occur.I found for you 5 different bedroom studios around the world-mainly New York.


Urban white bedroom studio


This urban white New York Bedroom studio and it’s white wooden floors,divine natural light looks like a perfect place to produce.Grey rustic door in the middle and the white paint on every item gives you the feeling that some of the coolest paintings that are hanging at the next door gallery in Soho could be made in this inspiring environment.


Deep Blue Creative Bedroom

Dreamy Deep Blue bedroom with high ceilings and a brick wall. I am loving this light purple fur at the floor and the random hanger next to the bed.Deep blue “old lamp” is giving a “drama vibe” to the room. This setting is motivating.


Industrial New York bedroom studio



Again perfect natural light,high huge windows and a city industrial view is every artist dream.This is a typical bedroom studio in Meatpacking district in New York city,known for producing urban fashion and new art.Not exactly bed-but mattress lying at the floor with earth coloured sheets is made for your dreamy creative days and nights.


New York City flawless light bedroom


I am in love.This is my dream bedroom.I am in love with these windows,i could spend days on this messy white mattress bed and write,daydream and create.Perfect ice white wooden floors with beige mattress and a view on red New York city brick is beyond inspiring to me.I want this NOW.

White dream creative space bedroom

White magic bedroom.Ultimate windows,gorgeous lights-just perfect bedroom setting.Black and white painting gives a kick of energy to this”white cloud”feeling.Picture perfect room.


Feeling inspired already? I do..