Hey guys  ! I am excited to introduce to you guys one of my “ secret” recipes . This recipe is in my family for years, my grandmorther ustu made it- but in a big pan- Later on my mom lift it on “ another level” by making the same recipe – just in the shape of small muffins . It is absolutely delicious!

All you need is :

  1. Corn flower ( 1 cup)

  2. plain flower ( half of hup)

  3. 2 eggs

  4. soda ( one glass)

  5. greek yogurt

  6. vegetable oil

  7. feta cheese

    8.Baking powder

How to make it:

Mix flower , corn flower , baking powder in a large bowl. Beat your eggs , add vegetable oil, soda , greek yogurt and mix gently. Add feta cheese . Combine your “ flower mix” with the wet ingredients and mix gently – you don’ t want the mix to be very stiff- it need to be kind of rare . Put a small amount of butter or oil in your muffin pan. Fill your muffin cups with the mix . Bake on 180 c for 35 min aproximately . Do the “ toothpick” check to see if your muffins are ready!

Smells perfect! Kids are loving it!

Next time you can put turkey slices inside!

Have fun with it  !