It is the burst of fresh air,excitement and joy that rushes trough me every time i think of this fabulous place in Ornos,one of my favourites in the island of Mykonos.This astonishing resort “Santa Marina”wilds your craziest vacation imagination-You just can not-Not love it!The perfect colours of wild nature,rocks and island green,purple flowers blend perfectly with electric blue sky that is-Believe me-ALWAYS so blue!That is the treasure that we posses here in our beautiful Greece,and in Mykonos this”blue”is fare-most visible.

I have visited this breath taking resort many times trough years in different periods,and the vibe is almost always divine!

I was lucky enough to enjoy my summer in the newly made sandy beach that is almost always very quiet which is quite perfect since you literaly can not find a sun bed in the july-august period in any beach on the island.That is a big privilege,you don’t want to find yourself on a wait list on the beach!Important note-it’s almost never windy at this beach which is super strange for the this island!The sea is calm and so perfectly inviting.

Buddha Bar-a perfect lunching experience



One of the restaurants of the resort is famous “Buddha bar” which is in this case so much better than the one in Monte Carlo or Dubai that i have visited.The asian up scaled cuisine and the dreamy restaurant setting is absolutely a perfect match for almost anybody!You can also enjoy a really good sushi on your sun-bed where you will be given extremely soft orange beach towels.Love them.


Santa Marina is a paradise for kids



There is almost noting quite as pleasurable as seeing your kid playing in perfectly safe pool while surrounded by this impressive rich wild nature.It is an absolute blast for the kids.Pool snacks are delicious at the kids restaurant.It is so much fun at this upper pool of the resort that we parents are making a dip in it!(don’t judge us).


It is spring now and i find it pleasurable transporting myself into summer and at one of my most favourite places on the planet.This island has special energy,and anyone who has visited even for a day will tell you the same.The highest frequency of love,joy and excessive fun are some of the vibes that you will feel.It goes all the way by the hashtag #VACATIONGOALS !