Is your weekend passing by so quickly and you find yourself in Sunday night blues?Here are some quick tips on how to make your weekends longer and more pleasurable!


Tip No1 


Make plan but do not fill every minute!

Just cause it is weekend doesn’t mean that you have to do absolutely nothing!You should make some plan on what activities you will be doing with your family!Especially if you have young children.You should have a plan-but do not fill every minute with stuff to do!Your weekend shouldn’t look like your working day!Relax,and have a break.


Tip No 2


Do not forget to exercise


Even if you are not up for going to the beach-you should exercise at home,strech yourself or just run outside.You will feel much more healthier and lighter!



Tip No 3

Eat that croissant in the morning 


It’s that “guilt free time” and you can have some of your fave croissant!We all have favourite bakery that we wish we lived there(literally)!Weekends are the time that you can have that luxury of eating croissants!


Tip No 4


Start watching “Ozark” tv series on Netflix


This will make your weekend longer and more amusing!It surely works for me!I started “Ozark” on Netflix and i absolutely adore it!Jason Bateman is my MAN!

Tip No 5

Go out for a dinner with friends(and a dance)


Weekend vibes are on and you HAVE TO GO OUT FROM THE HOUSE!Loosen up and have some F U N!I would suggest-go for a dance much more than just go for a dinner-but in nower days-majority of you guys prefer just to go and eat..Not me!Even though i am a foodie-for a long pleasurable weekend-i would suggest a dancing party session!


Tip No 6


Do spend some small amount of time on planing your week 



Every successful person will work a bit during the weekends also.You should spend some time during your weekend in planing your week.You need to make things happen’!

Come on!