Mykonos,the island of the wind, the island of love.In my heart, always so refreshing and special.As i enter the island i always have this exciting almost anxious chills all over my body.I am here, again,in my all time favourite spot.



Everything looks the same like the last year, but yet every time your Mykonos experience is different.This time was extra special since i spend it with my baby boy.

I love the fact that he is with me on all my business or pleasure trips.We are the greatest team all times!

As we walked trough not so busy Mykonos town-my son had the feeling that we are in the laburinth-me,on the other hand wanted to stop in every street corner and make a memorable photo.(after 2 hours he got so bored of me-OBVY).

The town was exactly as i wanted it to be-not too busy,(obviously ’cause of corona times).Charming restaurants were easy to access with no reservation or lines, and that was relaxing.



First days we visited “Principote of Mykonos” and upgreaded Panormos beach. Once in a hippie mood-now upscaled beautiful restaurant and the beach is an absolutely different experience.It was quite windy but the staff of the beach made us feel really cozy.

“Principote Mykonos”

We stayed in a beautiful “Absolute Mykonos Suites” the hotel that was located near the Mykonos town.The fact that was so near (5 minutes walk) and yet had this beautiful view -left a really pleasent impression. Loved it.

“Absolute Mykonos Suites” the picture from the pool area of the hotel, made by photographer Sakis S. Sponsored by “Amfora Divine wines”



“Absolute Mykonos” location wearing AV sunglasses, Photo by Sakis S


Nammos World-as one of the most popular vacation places world wide-did not disappoint. Nammos Village-beautiful gewl of the island filled with the most exquisite items of our favourite brands is a desert for your soul.

Nammos Village,Wearing Symons and Panchenko watch


“Symons and Panchenko “watch

I loved Ornos this year, it was not windy and it was a good solution-since i was with my son.Sol y mar was too windy and unfortunately i could not enjoy it at all..

Kalo Livadi

Over all, the boost of energy that this island gives is priceless.Dreamy,interesting,wild,cosy,upscaled,surprising are just some of the characteristics that comes to my mind when i think of Mykonos.Tradition mixed with an excitement..That’s my thing..