So simple yet ,sometimes difficult.Achieving that inner peace is a life goal. Practicing gratitude seams so easy-yet we all don’t seam to get there.Just bread in and look around you-see what you have!

natali thanou
my gorgeous.baby boy

Lockdown No 3.Who would ever say that this could last so long ?

Keeping my sanity, doing different stress release techniques-but the most efficient of all-is the love in my heart-Love that i have ,always present, for my boy. The most powerful technique for surviving every obstacle.

natalithanou aris karelas

I am so grateful that i have this privilege to be a mom and to love someone unconditionally. I feel that this super-power is giving me wings to fly above every problem that presents in my life path. Gratitude and love are the key to a happy life, no matter the circumstances. I am so grateful that he exists.

People do have tendency to adjust in every event that occur, and the times that we live were the most challenging. Time to learn from all this, time to take a positive take on whats going on,and take this experience as something that made us stronger and wiser.


Lucky are the ones who have their loved ones safe and healthy.I feel lucky to have my baby boy and my fury girl beside me trough all this.I miss my family that is in another country but i won’t beat myself about it, i realise that there are so many families in much worse position than us.

I am grateful for everything that i have.