Hard to believe that this desert does not have flower nor a sugar! You better believe it! It’s my ultimate “no regrets” cake! You guys asked for it-here you go..

This is something that i came up with while shopping in the near bio market store.I got inspired by coconut flower, coconut oil ,vanilla and molasses.I really want to cut on sugar – and i am trying to find the best replacements.


-coconut flower(one cup)

-coconut oil- 2 spoons

-2 eggs

-soya milk- 1 cup


-baking powder-one spoon

-orange juice

-orange zest


-coconut sugar 

 for the filling

-1 greek yogurt

-coconut powdered sugar


H O W   T O ?

Preheat the oven at 180 c.Oil your bundt cake pan with liquid coconut oil.Add eggs , soya milk and oil and mix well.Add coconut flower,baking powder, vanilla, orange and orange juice .Mix it well until the texture is not thick but not heavy also.Bake it foe 30-40 minutes depends on a oven.Try a toothpick challenge – and see if if the cake is ready.

Cool it and than prepare the filling.

Our low carb filling is so simple.Mix the yogurt ,coconut sugar and vanilla with the mixer until smooth .Fill your cake with it.There you go!