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Autumn on the coast

"Autumn on the coast" are series of photos that i saw you liked it a lot on my instagram!I absolutely enjoyed making them.Perhaps i have a hidden talent in directing.(lol) It's a series of pictures at the same location-in this particular case-at the beach-followed by subtitling each picture depending on a mood.You can see more...
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You already know that everything is energy and events that are happening in our lives-are an outcome of what we were thinking.Since Universe responds quickly-overthinking is the root of all your problems.Let's say you have an idea-that flash of inspiration that just came to you-If you don't start developing it in your head,writting it down...
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4 effective ways to boost your confidence

It's 1 st of September and sometimes we feel that "Summer is almost over" blues.That's perfectly natural-but in nowadays we don't have luxury of feeling down for a long period of time!And OFCOURSE we do not want that!I was always believer that everything is energy and that we can control anything in our lives by...
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