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From Santorini, with love

Diary from the island of love Volcanic energy, heat, rocks, breathtaking sunsets, extremely delicious food, endless blue, vibrant towns, good wine. Santorini is truly one of the best experiences. natali thanou aris karelas   breakfast at "c sky luxury hotel" natali thanou Mesmerised by it's astonishing beauty, every time i visit Santorini is like the first...
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It’s weekend. Let’s go to Aegina!

Weekend Aegina trip is all you need to charge your batteries after a long week in Athens!It is one of the nearest islands to Athens-but that doesn’t mean that it you don’t get that “far island vibe”!Even though it is just 45 minutes with the regular boat(or even 20 minutes if you go with a…

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Perfect family oasis at the busy island of Rhodes

Another dreamy trip to one of my favourite Greek summer destinations came to an end and we are filled with joy and perfect memorable moments.Touring Dodecanese islands filled our summer with excitement,beautiful colours,perfectly tasty fresh fish and crystal blue sea.Symi is a blast,cute small,picturesque island where you feel mixture of emotions-tradition and pure relax.Rhodes,big and busy-keeps...
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