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Christmas Cards DIY

 Hey guys ! I am especially excited with this new post cause i will revile to you guys our " Christmas crafty secrets " on how to make a handmade Christmas cards ! Every year we are doing different designs ! This year we decided to do these little cuties ! Christmas is by far...
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1. Tropical Theme: A tropical theme is a no-brainer . Add mini pineapples to your tablescape and a few painted balloons above to make your space festive and fun. The color scheme is simple yet , bringing greenery, pink and (of course) gilded accents to highlight elements of nature. 2. Ice Cream Theme: Spring is the perfect excuse to...
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Fairytales we love

My son is 4 , but i kept reading to him ever  since he was 3 month old , it is our little routine that i always adored . In these calming moments , not only i can wake up him imagination and take him to this magical world of fairytales - i could also...
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