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Our Halloween at home

Right now- i am HALLOWEEN obsessed!I am pretty sure that before i become a mom i had NO idea when  Halloween is,what exactly i should do and i didn't care.Well,well-things are quite different now! I love how my son gets sooo excited with everything that has to do with this fun celebration period!(he gets pretty...
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Our OK!magazine holiday photoshoot

Hey guys!In this post i wanted to share with you our latest OK! magazine photoshoot that we did with my son Aris!He was an absolute star of the day!I am pretty sure nobody was even looking at me-everyone were just so enchanted by his charm!My little shiny star!(Acting like #proudmommy!) He was just so excited…

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Bufala Gelato-South Coast ice cream place that kids are obsessing about

If you want an instant cheer up-you can buy yourself an ice cream!But,my dear moms-if you need an instant reason to "blackmail"your kids(LOL-this sounds too bad-but it's trueeee!!)you will promise them Cream Cone from Bufala Gelato!In our house-it is an absolute "must"!Whenever you need some peace-you can just pop out the"Bufala"subject-and you will see immediate...
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