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natali thanou photographed for "natalist blog "at "academias"hotel,athens

Red & black – Combo that WINS

ναταλι θανου Catch the eye It is an absolute event winner-combo of satin red dress with sock black long legging - boot. This look is just so powerful , embracing a strong independent woman who knows her worth. I styled it with my Chiara Feragni eye bag and a sleek straight hair. ναταλι θανου I...
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My down town street style

natali thanou Yellow is back Smells like spring! A day of my photoshoot downtown was so sunny and yellow was my first choice! Radiant and just so happy! I wanted to break all black 2 piece with some colour! I love how taxi helped the photo!(YES!) I wore my fav.two piece black set which i...
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I was that little girl that was often bringing homeless dogs home.Me and my sister brought this sweet ,not even 1 month old dog that later became a mom of our family member Grof who was following my father everywhere. Became our best friend,gave us enormous amour of joy, spent unforgettable 11 years in our…

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My Christmas vibe downtown

I adore Christmas! Everyone who follows me knows that until now,i am sure! Except for cookie baking,cake making,decorating..i also adore to walk trough cheerful center of Athens. I love how colourful it is,how magical during the holidays.I enjoy visiting areas like Plaka,Psiri and Monastiraki.They are full of interesting art and they inspire me,always. The walks...
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Our Halloween at home

Right now- i am HALLOWEEN obsessed!I am pretty sure that before i become a mom i had NO idea when  Halloween is,what exactly i should do and i didn't care.Well,well-things are quite different now! I love how my son gets sooo excited with everything that has to do with this fun celebration period!(he gets pretty...
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Halloween outdoor home decor ideas

It’s the end of October and even if in sunny Athens still feels like summer-we all love to change our house decor in our homes when Halloween period approaches. Everything about Halloween is so interesting for the kids and it ‘s our job as “good mommies’ to make this period special for them! Not only…

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