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Christmas Cards DIY

 Hey guys ! I am especially excited with this new post cause i will revile to you guys our " Christmas crafty secrets " on how to make a handmade Christmas cards ! Every year we are doing different designs ! This year we decided to do these little cuties ! Christmas is by far...
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Easy homemade mask i use

Hey girls ! If you are reading this post - most probably you are a female - but no boys are excluded as well ! i mean , why not - i always say - men should also give more attention to skincare than they do , but most of them are shy , and...
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Welcome Everyone !

  Hello world ! I am Natali Thanou , mom of the most amazing boy Aris , wife , former "beauty queen " model , recording artist - and now a blogger ! I am ready to show you all my "view" on life , style and parenting  - and to give you quick - fun  tips from...
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