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Ναταλι Θανου

Princess-y vibes

Ναταλι Θανου Cinderella moment with "Milla Nova" I am a Barbie girl in my Barbie world! We all need a proper "Cinderella moment"- and i think i pulled it off with this astonishing "Milla Nova " red carpet gown! Natali Thanou Natali Thanoou wearing Milla Nova Ναταλι Θανου RED CARPET  VIBES Party season never stops...
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natali thanou

Golden autumn vibes

Autumn vibes It's rainy outside. I just have put on some jazz music, i have lighted a candle that smells like sandalwood and i am drinking my coffee. I am so happy that the weather has finally changed- even though that is not something that i would used to say!  I was "tropical " queen,...
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