Applying surealism in our every day instagram posts would be refreshing or odd? If you ask me-i would love to see more of those interesting shapes and colours that trigger imagination. Being in quarantine for so long enhances my urge to create something not ordinary, either we talk about photography,writing either we talk about recipes in the kitchen.


Blogging world-as every other thing especially in these days when everything changes so fast-can easily become dull.What if we spice it up?What if we go out our comfort zone and create?Truly use our creative mind and improvise, fall,and than again do something completely different?The only way we can evolve is if we look outside of the box and get uncomfortable.

Surrealism is producing fantastic or incongruous imagery or effects in art, literature, film, or theatre by means of unnatural or irrational combinations.Let’s apply more of that in our life.Surreal images, surreal stories.Let’s dive deeper into our creative process and fly.

Finally,would you prefer being more of surrealistic pictures on your daily instagram feed ?