I am DEFINITELY a summer person and this period for me is BEYOND exciting!Just the fact that i have 3 months of enjoying in the sea-on daily basis makes my heart sing:)!

First time i took my son to the beach-he was 3 months old.He loves the sea,he is like a little dolphin-a really god swimmer and just very passionate about the sea.


We are spending most of our days at the beach-but i never forget to use sunscreen!That’s a fact.The sun is too dangerous to even go out for a walk without a sunscreen.We have to be extra careful when we decide which sunscreen to choose for our kids.

I did a research for you guys and have chosen products that are really safe-but also comfortable on your skin.For me choosing a good sunscreen-except for the safety and a good brand- requires having good texture.I know you will all agree-greasy products can spoil all the “fun in the sun”.The clothes can be easily ruined and your body oily for hours.That’s so annoying!

SUNSCREEN FOR KIDS that i recommend

After a long search-i found this perfect “La Roche Posay”50 + spf sunscreen for kids in spray.It has a really light texture and doesn’t leave any white stains all over the body.I find it really easy to apply since it a spay packaging.It doesn’t have any special smell-but it is really soft and smooth.Try it!

SUNSCREEN FOR MOMS that i recommend

In the picture up-you can see my favourite sunscreen 2018!It is ligne “Saint Barth” 15 spf,lait solaire.I have a small obsession over “Saint Barth”products and this one is no exception.This is milky,white cream that smells really good and makes you tan really fast.The colour of my skin became bronze in just few days-and that is all we girls want,right?(even if it is so damn unhealthy!)


Sunscreen that i use for my face is “Vichy ideal soleil”50 spf,Matttyfying face fluid dry touch.The thing that i love about it that it leaves your skin Matte-you dont have to worry about shiny for-head!Easy to apply a bit of a make up later on in the afternoon.I absolutely love it.Find more “Vichy” products here.