A one day getaway is all that your family need if you still haven’t manage to leave for a vacay.This is what we did this weekend and it was quite a blast.Lots of swimming,running with the kids,enjoying in the green lovely landscape..Lots of food,coffees and drinks at the end..After all- a quality time with the fam.is the best.


In this blog post i will recommend some amazing places near the city of Athens where you can experience the absolute relaxation as if you are on a vacay.It is the summer in the city-and we need a bit of refreshment!




Tatoi club is a tennis club with amazing facilities.Perfect green landscape is surrounding you and calming your nerves immediately.Not so far from the city-this property gives you joy in all senses beginning from perfectly structured tennis courts,gyms,kids playhouses and 2 amazing pools.


We visit this place every year with the family and my son adores it.It is a paradise for kids!Such an amazing entertaining in every corner,this is perfect family friendly place.Gives you a constant feeling of safetyand comfort.Family pool is really cool and my son did not want to get out (classic).


Tatoi works only with yearly membership,it is really private-which means NOT  busy.Good thing about being a memmer at the Tatoi club is that during the busy summer days filled with tourists all over Athens-you will have your own oasis in town.And have a perfect Mojito!(Mom can treat herself!)

Second place that i recommend is:



Hands down the best beach in Attiki.There are the days that the water is so crystal clear and turquoise that you feel that you are at Caribbean islands(no joke-look at the pics)!Absolutely amazing!It all depends on a wind though.Kids have all this space to create and play,meet new friends,it is lovely.


Astir beach is def.worth of visiting-there is just about anything that you can see in Mykonos beaches!Great vibe,really comfortable sun-beds,tasty gourmet food,and a really good music!When the sun goes down-it is magical at least!Your family and friends can enjoy late lunch or an early dinner with the perfect view!And if you have some extra cocktails-you could be dancing on the beach!!Is there anything better than that?





We love this place cause it is really calming. Lagonissi Grand resort has this relaxing energy since the first moment you get in.Greek island architecture puts you in the vacation mode immediately.

Crystal clear sea and a small resorts beach is almost never too busy.You can see guests from all over the world with their families enjoying the beauty of Lagonissi.I like this place cause the beach is really pleasant and calming even if you are with the kids(lol)!There is a lovely restaurant on the beach “Mediteraneo”which serves greek(Mediterranean) gourmet food.You can see small fishes swimming everywhere and kids are loving it.We even saw crabs on the rocks-and that is a really blast for the kids!Feeling the nature with all senses.



These are our 3 favourite places for a one day getaway in the city.Check them out and the summer in the city wont be boring anymore!