Hey guys ! For you who didn’t try ” stairs ” as your exercise routine – this headline may look a bit heavy .. and tuff .. I am not saying it isn’t  – but i will tell you why i suggest it to all of you .I  learned about this “trick” while i was spending a month in the “City of Angels ” and since i was kind of a tourist – i didn’t have a proper gym to go to – i was looking for a ways to maintain my body shape outdoors . Now in L.A is very common for the people to exercise outdoors . You can always see people jogging , stretching ect .. – there  on the streets .

 “Santa Monica ” stairs are one of the most ” well known ”  stairs to climb in L.A. There – i had my first experience with climbing exercise – and it was exhausting !! You will probably sweat too much , but the feeling you will have afterwords is priceless !

Except of the obvious fact that you are working your legs muscle so hardly , your gluteus as well –  you are having the hardest  cardio there is !

Thanks god i have found similar ( not so tall ) stairs here in Vouliagmeni . I am climbing really often – and there is the best view from up there  I  am recommending stair climbing a the way of exercising simply cause it is 100 times better to exercise in the nature – plus you have all the benefits on seeing amazing views and being able to have that experience .

Go fo it !!!!

Tell me your comments on your experience !