It is mid June and summer vibes are kicking in strongly!June was-so far-extremely fun,and i can not complain!I just came back from an amazing trip to beautiful Montenegro and i have soooo much stunning footage for you guys!


For this blog post i decided to talk about my new discovered swimsuits that i wasn’t into few years ago-but now i am losing my mind over them!This summer i found amazing”sporty”swimsuit tops and i am wearing them all the time!The good thing about them is that i can wear them on the beach but i also can use them for like a t-shirt-it looks stunning!I have chosen stripes in different colours just cause they are so bubbly and fun.There is this”teenage feeling”to them-but anyone who feels young and who is ready to make this an amusing summer can wear them.I certainly enjoy them!



This swimsuit is one of my summers favourite.Blue and white stripes were always my fave choise-but the shape of this particular “Banana moon” swimwear is not ordinary yet extremely comfortable for my body!Of course the line”Born on the beach”made me take it instantly-cause-simply-i am a beach bump!(always were).


Everything about this swimsuit screams “CALI”!The sporty shape,different layers of pink and red and the lines are so girly and amusing!”California beach girl” aesthetics doesn’t bother me at all!Au contraire-I love it!There is something so light and enjoyable about this top-i am wearing it with all my favourite shorts.

Can’t wait to see what kind of moments the rest of the summer will bring!Until now-i laughed so much that i cried eventually,i slept in the airport with the transfer flight,i visited the old town of the city where i had my first vacay with my sisters,i swum until the furthest spot in the sea with my son until now..and i can’t wait for soooo much more..