It’s May,favorite month of all!You have a perfect opportunity to use your garden and transform it to a marvellous,dreamy party that everyone will remember.

One of my favourite things to do in spring is to organise events in my garden and i want to share with you guys some ideas that i am absolutely crazy about. Everything is blooming,you have all this perfect colours for free!Use them!


Vintage party in your garden is the elegant solution and it will stun everyone.The things that you have to take care of are:


Garden vintage party decor


The important tip that you need to know about throwing Vintage Garden Party is that it probably has to look a lot like sophisticated tea party.Thant means that silver tea service that you were hiding for so long will need to shine !Perfect little tea cups on green colour looks refined,exactly how you wanted it to be.Big tall plates(shape of your grandmothers old plates)for small doughnuts or cupcakes is exactly the aesthetics that we want.If you put some of your old pearls,satin flowers and old books-it will complete the perfect table setting for your dreamy garden party.

Vintage garden party food


Since the perfect vintage garden party looks a lot like stylish tea party-the foods you can use are pretty much the ones that you would use at your tea party.That means small round sandwiches in all tastes on the three level plates.Salmon,prochutto and cucumber sandwiches are my fave!Small and beautifully decorated sweets,like carrot cake bites and bluberry muffins can decorate your perfect table.You will need a lot of good freshly brewed coffee and aromatic teas with milk.Ofcourse rose wine for later on is a must!


If you are lucky enough to have a blooming green garden with a lot of flowers-you pretty much need a decoration only for your tables-and that means fresh roses in all colours are just perfect.I decorated my last party with perfect roses at my garden and the table looked stunning! Take a look:


Vintage party fashion


Aw,that’s just me-tired after the party!I wore copper dress to match the decor and balloons(lol),but if you want to up-scale your event you can ask from your guests to dress like a movie stars from 40’s!That would be fun!I love to match the decor at my parties,but it is not something that everyone prefer.If the 40’s Beverly hills vibes are too much for you,you can ask elegant-chic-effortless dress code from your guests.The music that i would suggest is “Karen Souza”with her perfect slow jazz remixes.

Are you inspired already?

Hope yes!