These are challenging times for all humanity and the one thing that we have to worry about-except for obeying the measures that state gave us-is our physical and mental health.

For the first time in history-we are called to save the humanity by sitting in our homes.That should’t be so difficult-right?

Living in Europe in modern society-the fact that we should avoid any contact seams tricky,especially for young people.

Here are some of the creative things you can do while in quarantine.


Meditation is your “self love” moment of the day.You can find 15 minutes in the quiet place of your apartment or a garden to do a meditation session.I believe strongly in the power of healing that this method has.

Usually i listen “Deepak Chopra” on youtube,just cause i am usty of the colour of his voice.It always workds for me. Try it.

Living Carefree – A Meditation with Deepak Chopra


I discovered really cool cannabis teas that really relaxes me.Medical cannabis tea is used to reduce stress.What we need,for sure.




What a perfect time to organise your kitchen.

You have all the time in the world right now to make your kitchen shine.It’s really productive and rewarding at the end!



Online you can find many live streaming work out programs and Apple is hosting some amazing WORKOUT playlists if you wanna do it alone.

It is crucially important to swat during the day in quarantine and take out all this negativity.Love your body.

My fave is Kayla Itsines.


Drinking a lot of vitamin C boost your imune system but it is also a perfect pervention from the COVID-19.

I am making all kinds of juices every day.I will write about my favourite juice recipes in one of my next blogs.


You have all this time in your hands to try new interesting recipes and surprise your family.Get creative-try to make new deserts,new salads that will lift your mood.

One tv show on NETFLIX that i watched with my son is “ZUMBA JUST DESERTS”,a really magical desert making tv show.I highly recommend it.



I am also new on TIK TOK,and i have to say that this social app is a perfect distraction! Not to mention that you learn new choreographs every day and you see people making comic and dance videos from all over the world. I really love to dance,it is liberating for me.You should try it too!