Cakes ! Cakes ! Cakes! My favorite sweets are all kinds of sponge cakes . This one could be one of my favorite ! It has this spongy, fluffy feel to it – plus all the pumpkin spices that lift your cake on another level! Pumpkin cake and a cup of filter coffee are heaven to me!

Let’s make it together!

 Ingredients :

  1.  One cup of pumpkin pure

  2. One cup of suggar

  3. 1 and a half cup of “ Farina” flower

  4. 2 vanilla

  5. 1 spoon of cinnamon

  6. 2 eggs

  7. half of cup of vegetable oil

  8. 1 cup of milk

  9. nutmeg

Make it like this!!

In a large bowl-beat you eggs . Add suggar and than vegetable oil, pumpkin pure  , milk .Than mix it with a mixer. In another large bowl mix flower , vanilla, cinnamon to combine well.  Add nutmeg. Combine it with your wet ingredients and be careful that it doesn’t turn out tight . It needs to be a bit rare. In your cake pan put your baking sheet. Add your mix into the pan. Bake it on  180 celsious . Do the “ toothpick check” and take it out when ready. Wait till it chills a bit and serve it with the large cup of filtet coffee if prefered.

There you go! Absolute heaven!