My favourite watches are again with me! I really like the fact that i can escape all the ” luxury brands” as Audemars , Rolex or Vacheron Constantin as relax with my fav.partner from Netherlands. Colourful and really beautifully done watches , with posh navy vibe are giving me a chilled yet luxury kick! Symons & Panchenko-You rock!

I adore the fact that i can wear this particular model at the boat ride and i can also combine it with my late night out style.It really suits both styles !

symons & panchenko


It’s easy to let go to imagine a breezy yet sunny day at the boat with friends-just cause we all so desperately need this covid period to BE OVER!

I will surely wear my new “S&P” watches.They just put me in a good mood!Wearing a fun yet luxury accesorise is a “mood fixer”!

natali thanou symons & panchenko

You can find more of these stunning models on their site you pass by Saint Bartz,Monte Carlo,New York and most recent Island of Zakinthos-You can see them live!

Much more stores world wide are selling S&P watches.It’s a NEW trend – and we LOOOOVE it!