Summertime-and the livin’ is easy!I love to quote this legendary song ’cause simply-i feel exactly like that!Summer just make me appreciate life more-enjoying every second of it!That is the whole point-right?

Even though swimming in the sea is far more healthier and better-sometimes i like to spend lazy days by the pool with my family-just not to worry about sand and wind.Sometimes i just like to be more chilled.Pool is a little easier for us moms-considering safety.It is more practical.


I love these days in May -when it is not too hot-and we can enjoy the day perfectly.

Snacking by the pool is one thing we all adore.Not only cause we feel extra hungry after swimming-but cause we can calm down our wild kids and gather them close(lol).For me-snacks are the only way to calm my son down for half an hour at least-so i can get some tan AT LAST!

Here are some of interesting snack ideas to share by the pool .


Absolutely adorable and refreshing.I adore the combination of watermelon with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar.Light and tasty. Obsessing over this taste.


This is so yummy!Guacamole is so interesting to watch-and eat!Loving the colours!This pool snack is delicious.Everything including avocado is a big “YEEES”!!!

Simple tost sandwich with french fries

Even tho-not the healthiest snack-this is one of kids favourite.I mean,they are all going crazy over french fries.In Greece we love simple traditional toast sandwich with ham and cheese.It is a classic.



When you have a good tuna sandwich it can stick in your memory for years!I adore mixture of tuna with caramelised onion,it is divine!Combines with fresh ciabatta-i mean it perfect!I want one NOW!


Million times better than just regular pizza just because it is lighter and you wont feel like a swollen whale after you eat it!(LoL)After all-you are at the pool-for Christ Sake-you need to look good!Choose gluten free-vegan pizza instead of fat juicy oily pizza!Come on!

Enjoy your June guys!It’s the most exciting month of all-just because you have ALL THE SUMMER IN FRONT OF YOU!!I kinda feel anxious to use all these days to the fullest!Do you?