Another dreamy trip to one of my favourite Greek summer destinations came to an end and we are filled with joy and perfect memorable moments.Touring Dodecanese islands filled our summer with excitement,beautiful colours,perfectly tasty fresh fish and crystal blue sea.Symi is a blast,cute small,picturesque island where you feel mixture of emotions-tradition and pure relax.Rhodes,big and busy-keeps many hidden beauties that you will discover only if you visit it more times.“Rodos Palace” is our families oasis,perfect family resort that has it all-excitement of a cosmopolitan hotel and a relaxation of a resort spa.Most of all-we choose Rodos Palace ’cause it is an ABSOLUTE DREAM for kids.



A resort with hundred+ pools

(the view from our suite)

Rodos Palace is imposingly beautiful.The fact that it has more than hundred pools all over the resort gives you fascinating feeling from the moment you enter!It is a huge family resort,almost all hill is filled with different suites,pools and rooms.There is so many different styles of accommodation that you can choose from.If you want more quiet vacation-you can choose suites up in the hill where you are basicaly in the woods.If you are not a fan of hiking-you can choose rooms closer to the restaurants and the reception where the vibe is pleasantly vibrant.


Kids Club

One thing that i adore about this resort is it’s amazing staff at the “Kids club”!The girls are so kind and always cheerful,my son adores this place!Kids from all over the world are collected there and they are doing all bunch of activities!This is very handy for all the families if they want to have a hour(or two)off-without kids!You can quietly read your favourite book by the pool!Finally.

There is a kids pool outside if the club where families are enjoying their time!It’s perfectly safe and the sun-beds are really comfortable!

Yummy Breakfast by the pool 

I am obsessing over their breakfast buffet!It is reeeeally a vacay dream..You have everything and the atmosphere is beautiful.Breakfast is placed at the porch next to the pool.Beautiful way to start your day!


Perfect Sunset

One of the things that makes this place so special is it’s magical sunsets!Sun is diving into the sea and you can enjoy it from the beach in front.For all romantic sunset lovers..this is a picture-perfect spot.

(the beach in front of the hotel)


12 islands

Restaurant “12 islands” serves gourmet Mediterranean food.Romantic atmosphere with live music gives the absolute dreamy greek island experience.I loved carpaccio and spinach salad.The best wines and gorgeously designed plates are lifting my mood every time i visit the restaurant.Staff is 10(with tone)!

My lovely greek summer,filled with the most colourful memories..and this lovely oasis where we laughed, made friends and relaxed is a cherry on the top.Can’t wait to visit again.