It always starts and ends with a romantic line like “We will always have Paris“, but somehow it suits with every single picture made in this forever the most beautiful city. Our winter trip to Paris had it all – excitement, fun , poetic conversations , delicious food , a good red wine, endless walks , macaroons, sightseeing , shopping , Disneyland, laughs , art… All that – plus we get to sleep in the most iconic spot-  “Hilton Paris Opera “with the view of a picturesque train station “Saint Lazare”. The hotel is a old building – built in late 1800 and everything about it is so interesting !

Hilton Paris Opera

Iconic Grand Salon in “Hilton Paris Opera” 


From the moment you enter in this hotel you have the “wow syndrome” since the reception is next to the “Grand Salon” iconic high ceiling space which takes your breath away. It was the aetetics of the “Opera’ which is quite near the hotel . Bar is placed there as well as many beautiful artwork. it’s just stunning and quite exciting to have this vibe inside of the hotel. 

natali thanou at hilton paris opera


A Room With THE view


I was so pleasantly surprised when i walked into our room! They are so spacious! Something that is quite rare for Paris rooms. Omg and that view! breathtaking! I could talk for hours about Paris windows and the way they make me feel .. Beautiful space with comfortable bed and gold & white aesthetics is inspiring. The view from a window was Saint Lazare train station which was vibrant- and yet there was no single sound annoying us . I loved the mosaic art work at the floor of the bathroom .


Ah these stairs



Long and so beautifully made stairs of the hotel are acompaning all the poise of our visit. I just adore them. A movie scene .. 




natali thanou




natali thanou

Over all – everything was just so poetic and beautiful and i CANT WAIT to visit it again. Book your stay HERE!