Trip to Rome in spring is exactly how you imagine it .. Poetic, hectic, loud , interesting and really tasty ..

 Explorers ON BOARD – year we are here! Sister trip featuring always – one and only Aris – is a lifetime memory .. And making memories is all that matters .. Collecting knowledge and different vibes . Exploring different cultures, people, languages, customs .. Sounds like they best idea to me.



One of the most astonishing man made art works – “Fontana di trevi “won’t disappoint ( but the crowds will ..) Breathtaking sculptures leaving you at awe , you will make your biggest wish and throw a coin .. Last time when i was in Rome – my wish did came true- by the way ..

Carbs, Carbs , Carbs


Espresso and carb kicks in and you know it- since you are walking 18000 steps a day without knowing it. But the streets are ah so charming..And you can’t stop walking..

ναταλι θανου

Apperitivo at “Hotel De Russie ” 


Apperitivo at the “Hotel De Russie” is a absolute MUST! Not only that you have all different choices of wines and aperitif drinks to make- You will get tasty snacks like- Truffle burgers, olives and prawn chips.. Yum. The garden is stunning- huge , green .. classy and gorgeous!

natali thanou

ναταλι θανου



Harry’s bar

Harry’s Bar is an iconic restaurant with the “Old Hollywood” aesthetics , the place where all the world wide glamorous stars are lunching and dinning . I had pasta  lemone – i was not really impressed have to say.. But the welcoming of the “Harry” the owner himself was really warm and also the interior is really captivating .

Sister Bond 

I adore the fact that i can have these moments with my sister! It is so special and of course more fun having her around! We could laugh until crying and after a moment we can get in a “cat fight”.. If you have that strong sisterly bond you know what i mean .. I love her to death !

This photo is made in Vatican. Really special experience – being surrounded by such an important art trough centuries ..  

natalithanou and jelisaveta sosa

natalithanou and jelisaveta sosa


VATICAN –  spirituality and art 


ναταλι θανου

ναταλι θανου


st peters basilica

I left Rome feeling like an ABSOLUTE WINNER !