Tips for a great cinema family night
I am a big fan of movies , i just adore cinema , and everything that has to do with cinematography . My son is 5 and the first time we went to cinema was last september . Telling you the truth- i wasn’t big fan of an idea of him staring at the big screen for some hours – but as soon as we found out that his “ Despicable me 3 “ third part- is out in cinemas – i was sure that this will be our perfect first time. Very comforting and exciting fact was that the “ Village Cinemas” at Rendi just opened their first kids cinema! Let me tell you how this looks like! If you still haven’ t been there – I am recommending it 100 percent! It is even nicer than it looks like on pictures! There is this big cosy cinema, with colorful comfy bed-chairs , reeeeally beautifully made. I was pleasently surprised. The big surprise of the cinema was this big tube – colorful slide on the side where the kids played after the movie . The slide was sooo much fun, i could see on my sons face that he was having too much fun/ the slide was very quick! It made me wanting a ride /too bad i couldn’t fit:)!


Tip No 1 – Avoid Weekends  ! We had the best choice choosing Tuesday, wasn’t too crowded- it was perfect.

Tip No 2- Don’t buy a small pop corn for all members – cause the small one is actually huge and he ended up eating sooo much pop corn..salt etc.. so i was a bit worried for his stomach.

Tip No 3 – go to the bathroom before the movie! It’ s a must.

We loved the place! And the movie was so much fun too! We love minions . Aris had his 3rd b day party with “ minion” theme. I made all decor for the party and you can see on on my previous DIY post!
Have fun guys!!