Hey guys!In this post i wanted to share with you our latest OK! magazine photoshoot that we did with my son Aris!He was an absolute star of the day!I am pretty sure nobody was even looking at me-everyone were just so enchanted by his charm!My little shiny star!(Acting like #proudmommy!)

He was just so excited for the shooting.We had a blast!

I really wanted for us to create this memory together!I know that when he grows up he will love to look back on this.I’m sure that it will make him laugh!Except from that-we have more beautiful pics for our archive!The OK team team was really good and the shooting went smoothly.It was almost effortless!With my experience in photoshoots-i can say that we finished pretty quickly!I was excited to shoot with Olympia Krasagaki just because she is so perfect with kids!Aris loved her!Everybody loves her!

New Year is coming!It’s that period in between when you are so lost and excited-but it feels gooood!I love staring in our new pictures!I am just so happy we get to have this memory together with my baby!


Finally i got the chance to show to the world how gorgeous he is!(lol) YAY!