Right now- i am HALLOWEEN obsessed!I am pretty sure that before i become a mom i had NO idea when ¬†Halloween is,what exactly i should do and i didn’t care.Well,well-things are quite different now!

I love how my son gets sooo excited with everything that has to do with this fun celebration period!(he gets pretty crazy from all this sweets-i am telling ya:)!

Every year i try to do something new,so he can remember all this days with much joy.Last year i made this amazing fluffy Pumpkin cake-i can still smell it:)lol!

Everybody who is following me-you probably know that my son loves to help me bake in the kitchen.It is our fav.tradition and i wouldn’t change it for anything.This year we were brave enough and we made “Mummy Halloween pizza”.FUUUUUN!

The whole point of making these is just so you see this laughter and excitement on his face.It’s quite easy but you need some time to prep.this.

All you need basically is a pizza dough,tomato marinara sauce,mozarella and olives!That’s it!

You need a bit of artistic spirit-that’s for sure;)!And patience.

If you don’t have a cookie cutter-you can use a simple coffee cup and cut your pizza dough.Design it as shown at the pic.It’s so much fun-believe me!


Is it just me-or all you moms just ADORE to decorate your house as Hallowen approaches?I am absolutely loving it!This shade of “pumpkin orange”is so warm and i love to see my house in a different mood.

I love to buy all this goodies that will make ultimate autumn spirit.

Small skeleton lamps,pumpkin candle holders..so cute.I want more..I also found some amazing “Halloween party” playlist on “Apple music“!Find it!

You can’t miss the balloons!Pumpkin or ghost shaped.Kids luuuuuv it!I put it in his room.

Happy Halloween guys!GO NUTS THIS YEAR!And eat all that sweets ..