Whenever i want to start excercising more and just get in better shape- i start my diet with egg whites . You all may say- omg- i know- but it is not tasty at all- let me tell you- if you spice it up a bit with few things – you want even nottice that egg yolks are missing!  I am making omelettes in many ways – but now i will tell you my favorite one

Ingredients :  ( for 2 people)

  1. 6 egg whites

  2. one pepper

  3. turkey slices ( 5)

  4. light cheese ( cottage or anthothiro)

  5. cherry tomatos

  6. rucolla for the side

How to make it:

Beat your egg whites well in a large bol. In thr heated pan add cutted green peppers for start. Add turkey slices and than your eggs . The secret of my fluffy eggs is that as soon as i put my eggs on the fire i close the heat- so it doesn’t loose this juiciness and become dry. I add cheese at the end – amd the secret is that the cheese melts excatly as we want it- since the pan is still hot but not too hot so the omelette becomes very rare . It is the best way to make your egg whites for sure !

Now , i have told you my secret to a perfect egg white omellete – tell me your recipes and suggestions in coments !