Last weeks i discovered the tastiest way to make an Oatmeal and i want to share with you !

Until now i was eating QUAKER but it wasn’t the tastiest breakfast ever , i felt dynamic afterwords tho cause quaker do tent to give you a boost of energy ! U sually i just put quaker with a bit of water and honey . But now ii discovered the best taste ever !

this way you are going to loooove it trust me !

What do you need :

ingredients :

1 cup of Alpro Soya milk ( vanilla taste )

1 cup of quaker

1spoon of honey

50 grams of kouvertura  dark chocolate


How do i make it ?


Put the milk in small pan and heat it lightly . Pour the quaker inside and start mixing . Mix well for about 5 minutes .Take it of from the heat when you see that the oatmeal has thickened . Now here is a small secret that i do . I do not leave it to get cool at all – i throw chocolate inside and a spoon of honey – This way chocolate melts and it is absolutely delicious !!! You have to try this , trust me !

Bon appetite guys !