Everyone who knows me well , knows that one of my biggest passion in life is traveling . I feel like i am born ” explorer ” an adventures spirit flows trough me and i feel the most alive while traveling . I also believe that that traveling is the one thing that makes you richer , it opens your eyes to new things , develops new interests and gives you this divine boost of pure creative energy .

Luckily , i have traveled to many places on this beautiful planet and these are one of my fav-s Winter Destinations !


Who doesn’t love Paris ? The most romantic city on the planet! The thing that made me fall in love with Paris is artistic energy and beautiful architecture , perfect museums , endless walks and of course the best food ! I choose Paris for my fav. winter destination cause it is just simply magical – especially during the Christmas period . The one thing , except amazingly beautiful stylish stores of Dior , Louis Vuitton , Channel , you can find small charming stores where they sell perfumes , but not common perfumes that you can find in any store – these are made in very small amount of bottles , and the sent of it is unique … They can also make the perfume especially made for you that no-one else has . These perfect little stores stayed in my memory like something so picuresque and fun . My french isn’t perfect but i have managed very well everywhere , and also you should know that they almost avoid to speak english , they pretty much adore their language – which is , by the way my . fav . language !

 Everywhere you turn – there are things to see where you can make the perfect pictures for your insta account – from classical ” Louvre ” , Champs Elysee , Notre Damme but today i will talk to you about my favourite restaurant in Paris ,I want to write to you a bit more about my dinning experience . Among many restaurants that i have been ( i am foodie – so there was a great amount to places  ) the one i loved the most is restaurant ” Kong ” !

Kong is an astonishing roof top upscale restaurant that is on 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris .
It is made of all glass and you have this beautiful breathtaking view on streets of Paris .The design is absolutely futuristic ,located on 5th floor of Hausmann building and the table where we had dinner had an emidiete view on Louis Vuitton building across the street . “Kong “embodies both – an intimate coctail bar and raffinate restaurant . The atmosphere is elegant , classy but so much entertaining . The plate i was blowed away by was  Black Code . Mmmmm yummy … it was like a desert ! Just perfect !

Another interesting fact – This is the restaurant where Carrie Bradshaw from all time favourite series ” Sex and the city ” had lunch with an ex wife of her boyfriend than V .Petrovski . And like Carry Bradshaw said -”  i always wanted to drink wine before the noon ” – this place has the most amazing brunches which you can combine with wine of coctail , in the right -Parisian- way .

So , guys if yiu havent vidsited Paris yet – my advice is  WHA ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? It is an ABSOLUTE MUST for the cultural and social evolution . Awwww, remembering all theis  – i want to gooo right now !

Until the next time ” Paris – JE T’ AIME !! JE T’ AIME BEAUCOUP !!!