I adore Christmas! Everyone who follows me knows that until now,i am sure!

Except for cookie baking,cake making,decorating..i also adore to walk trough cheerful center of Athens.

I love how colourful it is,how magical during the holidays.I enjoy visiting areas like Plaka,Psiri and Monastiraki.They are full of interesting art and they inspire me,always.

The walks are long and i always love to find a cozy spot to have my coffee or lunch break.At my last walk trough busy and beautiful Athens i found this picturesque spot and made some cool shots with the photographer Viktor Chudakorov while there.

I wanted to share this vibe with you guys!


I am wearing Zadig and Voltaire sweater which is one of my fave items during the winter.

Enjoy your holiday season!


Make up by:Dimitra Chrouta