Hey all ! The winter is coming and i know a small ” fashionista ” inside you is sooo happy – cause you can wear your favourite coat and  your awesome new boots ! I love  when the winter is coming only cause i am obsessed with Christmas – but i can say- even tho i am a summer person – i love when its raining here in Athens .. cause it is just so rare !

Now i love to play dress up with my favourite baby doll – my son !


Bomber leather jacket

Black skinny jeans “Zara “

White and black booties

long sleeved shirt

Loving this look . It is so rock and perfect for the ride with jeep in the mountains !

Try this one – Your little one will look absolutely adorable !

The shops where u can find this look are :

Bomber – Lapin house “LPHN original “

Shirt – Geogia P

Boots – ZARA

Skinny jean – Zara


Leather fly Jacket

Dark brown leather booties

Military green sweatsuit

Long sleeve white shirt

Fly jacket is absolutely stunning on young boys ! With a twist – military swear suit and leather booties is casual but still kind of ” rock ” . Your boy is ready to ” rock the mountains ” !!

 Where didi i shop this look ?

Fly Jacket – Lapin house

Sweats military – Georgia P

Booties – Lapin House

For the look inide of your chalet , hotel or a house where you are stayin g – i prefer long sleaved black cotton shirt with a sweats , or just a dark grey jumper with black pants !!