I have the best date!He is amazingly cute and he protects me!My little Super Hero!

Photographer has spotted us at my sons favourite luna park,the port “Marina Flisvou”and i can’t thank him enough-’cause the pictures are absolutely adorable!I even wore matchy outfit with the cutest boy on Earth.

This was last week,the weather was really beautiful,a bit windy,he tried all the games there are,drove all the cart cars and jumped for an hour at the trampoline.I had doublle latte and a big piece of “kormos”cake-which seams like a dream-since now i am on a detox”Master Cleanse”..(lol)

In one of my next posts i will write to you more about my favourite family hot spots like this place at “Marina Flisvou”.I love this place.And i think i am in love with the Batman!!