Hey guys! I am one of “ Those mommies” that i adore to wear matchy clothes with my son! Since i love wear “ boyfriends clothes” most of the time , Tom boy style- it is easy for me to match my son’s outfits .

Let me tell you give you some examples – what could both of you wear and look adorable and similar ! Let’s go!

I really simply adore when we wear similar outfits with my son! Above all – he is so handsome and whatever he wears – it just suits him !! I sound like a typical mommy – but if you could just see him !! He will be very tall ( as mommy is ) he has long legs and arms – so it is easy for me to choose clodes for him !

– #ootd 1 – Example 1

 BOY –  Military Jacket , beige jeans , black  long sleeve t – shirt and dark brown leather short boot .

Mommy -Military green blazer , white blouse  , black shorts or black tight pants and a high heel .

Where did i find this outfit ?

Mommy – Military jacket – YSL

Shoes – Top Shop

Blouse – Crosley

boy- Military Jacket – Zara

Boots – Lapin House