Hey girls ! Here is one subject that all of us are pretty obsessed about – And that is MAKE UP ! We all adore make up , i m sure , just this sweet routine that you do every day – and it just makes you feel better about yourself ! I really enjoy having my make up done and in this post i will just discover few items that i ALWAYS have in my bag !

1 st – COSNILER !¬†It ‘ s an absolute ” Must “. Covers all that signs of tiredness so quickly and beautifully ! I use “Radiant ” number 2 .

2nd РMASCARA ! Long lashes are so important just because they are giving you more beautiful eye expression, and you need to have it with you at all times.

3rd – Lip Balm ! Have it with you so you never have to deal with dry lips . We need juiciness!! Body shop lip balms rock – and they have perfect taste too !

4th – Brush and a blush ! With few moves – your cheeks can look fresh again – so you need to have your brush and a blush with you – all times ! I use “Dior ” blush .

In my next beauty posts i will talk more detailed about each product !


These are some of the stuff i have with me all times ! I love to look fresh always !

I am preparing more videos on make up for all of you , beauty queens !

Just wait !