80’s and 90’s are so back in!I just can’t resist this flashy yet washed out aesthetics !

My recent camera roll is filled with this fun vibe,Pleeease take a look at my Queen!

She is the Boss!




I love almost everything about 90’s decade and i feel privileged to call it my childhood.I often feel grateful that i have lived the period without smartphones when everything was so raw and pure.I often feel sadness that my son did not have that.

I almost feel as the cinematography had it’s peek in 90’s.I am one of those people who can watch the same classic movie more than 8 times.My logics says if something is such a good quality-You can’t get bored of it.”Dirty Dancing “, “Sleepless in Seattle” ,”Pulp fiction” , “Titanic” , “Forest Gump”, ” Groundhog day” ,”Matrix” .. and soooo many more.I feel nostalgic by writing about that .


I don’t even want to start bragging about the music in 80’s and 90’s! Why do we feel as if we will never live these iconic times of Michael Jackson,Madonna,Guns and Roses ?? George Michael, David Bowie, Depeche Mode ,Eurythmics ? Thanks God i felt that period.


Missing walk-men ? VCR? Polaroid .. Photo cameras with the film?And the excitement when you come back from the vacation when you don’t remember what you have photographed?! That’s priceless.. Big old chinky computers (i don’t miss that actually;)


Nostalgic feeling.Good old days.