Hey guys!Kali evdomada!(in Greece-we say this a lot and i love it-it means have a beautiful week!)

Monday morning,i just took my son to kinder-garden and i want to write a blog post in my beauty category cause i haven’t written about my beauty secret for several weeks.

I wanted to tell you about this amazing laser treatment that i did at my dermatologist Chrisa Zisimou!Interesting part is that i am still very tanned(still going to the beach:)but the laser worked perfectly!I didn’t need to wait until the winter to start my sessions-and that made my life a lot easier!

I really love to wear my shorts-and i found the perfect solution!The name of the laser is “Gentle Lase”and you can find it on a very afordable price at “Advanced Dermatology” Leoforos Papagou 50.

I can freely show off my legs anytime(lol)No worries about forgotten hair out there!

No annoying razor or wax!You just have to try it!Doesn’t hurt at all!Now that is an important fact!Most of the time girls are afraid to start laser hair removal sessions ’cause it really hurts!Other lasers can require for you to put”emla”creme.This one does not!This makes you laser treatment so much more easier and more enjoyable!

I am just so happy with it that i had to recommend!Loving how smooth my legs feel!