Can you believe it’s January?.. Apparently i am living my summer all year long..! Beautiful sunny days here at the coast and i just couldn’t resist to get some-much needed- sun tan. Perfect way to kick off my 2020!

It is, approximately , 18 degrees Celsius-but it feels much warmer when you are sitting at the sun! For this sunny January noon i decided to wear my brand new Ostra Brazil swimwear which i absolutely adore!It is Brazilian brand that i just started collaborating and the shapes of the swimwear are stunning!I love this copper orange on me!


One thing that really made me fall in love with this swimwear is the material!It’s so smooth and really elegant.The top can be worn with the shorts,pants or a pair of jeans-absolutely! Love it!



Kicking off the new decade in style!Yeahhh…