Weekend Aegina trip is all you need to charge your batteries after a long week in Athens!It is one of the nearest islands to Athens-but that doesn’t mean that it you don’t get that “far island vibe”!Even though it is just 45 minutes with the regular boat(or even 20 minutes if you go with a speed boat)-you get the feeling as if you are in the middle of nowhere in some parts of Aegina.This feeling is quite refreshing.Vacation mode.

One of these “desert island vibes” you get when you are getting near to KLIMA beach.The nature is absolutely stunning.Artificial earth colours combined with the green sea is mesmerising. Take a look.



Except that,Aegina has really picturesque old town.There are tons of the places where you can eat an amazing breakfast before you start your busy day exploring.

The Aegina port is really pretty.I just adore everything about these small fisherman boats..Romantic and simple. Life is good!

After a long day at the beach you will get pretty hungry-and that means that you have to visit Perdika.It is small port in Aegina where you can find amazing fish taverns and tons of octopus hanging EVERYWHERE (lol).

Fish is SUPER fresh(of-course)and the vibe is just calm and beautiful.The view is magical…