It’s Sunday morning and i had a perfect chance to get a bit creative in the kitchen while making a breakfast for my family !My son is not a fan of food in general-and i always needed to decorate his dish so he becomes more interested in eating-actually!It worked!

This morning i made quick scrambled eggs with feta cheese and decorated it in the shape of small bird(i hope it looks like this-LOL)that just went out from the broken egg!

Eyes i have made from black olives and the nose from the red pepper(which he didn’t eat-of course).I decorated it with the fried toast bread.Super easy!! I love to decorate his food-it just puts me in a good mood!
Try this !

Nothing makes me happier than seeing him excited on the breakfast table!Make Sundays a lot more fun.It really doesn’t take longer than 3 minutes to do this-and it makes a tremendous difference.These are the precious moments that he will remember when he gets older.



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I found for you guys some more cute decorating ideas for your scrambled or fried eggs.I hope you mommies get inspired!



Bunny scrambled eggs in a cup!How cute !With the Easter coming-it is something i will try for sure !Ears made with bacon,cruchy-not healthy tho.Let’s think of something else to replace bacon.




French toast with the “egg heart”look delicious!I really have to buy this cute little egg maker molds that shape your fried egg!Love them!



Beautiful fried egg in a shape of the sun is making my heart sing.If this is what it takes to make my son eat broccoli-i will do it;)!!