Like every girl-i adore tights and skinny jeans!I discovered trousers that are combining both!You can wear them in your every day life-but you don’t have feeling that it is a classic sport-wear!

Wow!What a shape!I am obsessing over this “shape effect” that my new “Freddy” pants are giving!Take a look at thaaaat!(lol)

The interesting part is that this pants are sooooo tight-but not uncomfortable AT ALL!You feel that everything is on it’s place-only better!My thighs feel so right.I just love how this material “pushes” my body! The shape is stunning!

(pictures made by talented Mirella Sfakianaki at my home)


The fact that you can wear white tight jeans and have this back is at least exciting!LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!!!

Us,women-we are in constant search for something new in  fashion that can improve our style.”Freddy”WrUp trousers are almost like a “new discovery” in fashion!I guess you just need to try it to see what am i talking about..

It goes waaaaay UP….Your back will look sexy as never before!Here is some-extra attention you so desperately needed,mama:)!