Is it too late to go for a winter destination this weekend?

As the three day holiday approaches here in Greece-i am thinking of the places where we could go for a family trip.

Since Greece is so blessed with sunny weather-i wont lie-i have all the “good will” to hit the islands,i kind of love them with colder weather, they are inspiring and really stunningly beautiful.

But is it too late for Arachova?

Parnassus is so beautiful while covered in white.The place in the woods where we stayed recently is so charming.It’s called “Oreades” and it is near “Elatos”resort.

This is the perfect destination to visit with your family.You are so deep in the woods-and it gets really mysterious and exciting!A dream for hike-lovers-as i am!

I would suggest this mountain even if there is no snow.The nature in inviting and an “eye-opener“!Perfect spot to start your much- needed meditation.Lifting your mood up is always the best idea!

Work on yourself!Take a trip.The best investment you can ever have!