Wedding season already started months ago for a proper bridezilla(lol),but for us-who are the quite opposite of that-starts with the 1st of March.

The spring is here and it’s the season of wedding,christening and all kinds of outdoor parties that we all love.For this blog post i prepared few cool wedding looks-If you are getting married or even if you are just a guest.

Some of these dresses i would honestly wear as a wedding dress,i never liked over the top dresses.Casual and airy.It’s my thing.

Barbie dream.Even if some of us wont admit-all girls LOVE to feel like a princesses.This pink airy dress is pricess-y but really elegant.Perfect for a dream wedding by the sea.You can easily wear it on an event also.Simply gorgeous.

The next one is Single’s girls choice,just cause it is too short to be a wedding dress,on my opinion.The texture og it is just so unique.Really well done.I love this brand!”Matsuri Fashion”by talented german designer.

It’s time to shine,girls!The spring is here!