Hello everyone and Happy Easter! I hope you all are enjoying these days with your favourite people.

This year we had so much fun during these Easter holidays just because i have this whole new passion for decorating eggs!It is almost like a passion(lol).

The day before,we prepared everything that we need for decorating,and the morning we woke up-i was literally excited!Like a little child! A day before we went to our favourite bookstore and bought all the tools we need for this unusual and elegant Black and white easter eggs!



Important tip :

For this decoration it is important to buy white eggs so you don’t bother painting them in white. If you have a white ones-it is peace of cake.Just some imagination and a good will. They are adorable.

This year,my son that is almost turning 5-learned how to write!That was the reason that inspired us to write names on the egg with a very thin black liquid pencil.He loved it!

He is being so creative,and i adore that about him.I have to say-these are one of my favourite egg decor until now!Not that “Bunny-Ice cream egg decor” wasn’t absolutely amazing-i just love the black and white combination.

All you need is:


  • 10 white eggs
  • a little vinegar
  • egg polishing liquid
  • black thin liquid pencil
  • salt
  • black marker
  • white basket
  • a little imagination


Tip for boiling eggs and not cracking them!

I know you need top hear this cause in past years i have cracked a lot of easter eggs!I learned finally that if you put eggs slowly in boiling water,put a punch of vinegar and salt-and than lower the heat-eggs wont crack!



I absolutely love them.my family too!I hope you got inspired!If you are up for more elegant easter mood-try this!